Tree Hunting!

Finally! Saturday afternoon Bug, Burr and I made our way down the canyon to cut a christmas tree, a day I had been long awaiting - Hence the expression!

In our new house, we have vaulted ceilings, therefore allowing us to have a larger tree. So I knew exactly what I was looking for.

After looking and looking, I found it. The perfect tree!

Cute little Burr Bear was so excited she could hardly stand it! She loves the snow! Her and her funny little jacket we bought last year that doesn't fit her - she's too fat now ha ha!

And of course, the tree we chose had to be on the opposite side of the forest, leaving my sweet hubby to lug the 16 foot tree across the hill and over a fence to the truck. What a trooper!


I really can't believe it's been a year already. September 26th Bug and I shared our one year anniversary! To do so, we rented a small (emphasis on small) cabin in WY, just west of Laryme. Just a cute, one room little thing - perfect for the two of us!
What beautiful country we were in! Nothing but evergreens as far as the eye could see. During the day, the people who owned the cabins let out the horses, and they'd come right over to your window and munch on the grass for hours. Just a beautiful, peaceful, extrordinary place. We took up our guns, and shot the AK-47 for the first time, WOW! Totally gave me a run for my money. I wish there was more to write about, we just kind of hung out. But hey, it's our anniversary what'd you expect? :)It was a fun trip. So glad to spend that time with my honey away from the world, and all it's busy calls. I love you Bug!
I ran across these pictures on my mother in law's computer. These were taken about a year or so before bug and I hooked up. We were over with his mom doing some kind of chocolate mask to beautify our faces! ha.. right


Can I say Gorgeous? This is my friend Maegen Anderson - soon to be Vanfleet. She and Nate will be married on September 25 ( the day before our anniversary) in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I've had the opportunity to take their engagement pic's, and her bridals, and I don't even need to say how beautiful she looks!

We went to a park for a few of these shots, and while we were there, some old bum came and sat as close as he could to her without being in the frame, and just gawked at her. As we stood up to leave, he presumed to tell her how he'd "been sitting here drooling over her". ha ha it was awkward, but totally funny!

As exciting as it is to work on 'our house', man what a lot of work. I have to give props to Bug, for all the work he's put into it. He sure is Mr. handy man! I love it! As we work here, I can't help but be thankful for my parents and in laws, for the work ethics they've taught us. Yard work - never never has that been enjoyable for me, but I'm totally excited to put a yard in at our home! Also, I mowed the lawn last week for the first time ever! (once before I mowed a section of a lawn - then, gave up because of course, I was a girl and that was the man job)
Although our stay with the Lewis' has been fun and much appreciated, I can't tell you how excited I am to be in our own house. Mostly so I can walk around naked again! haha Just kidding! Cook, clean, do laundry, you know, womanly activities.

So here it is, our first home!